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single passenger car

Translation of "Doppelstockzug" in English double-decker train Other translations Der erste 6-teilige Doppelstockzug single passenger car die Bahngesellschaft Aeroexpress hat pünktlich seine Schiffsreise von Muttenz via Single passenger car in Richtung Ostsee begonnen. The first six-carriage double-decker train for railway company Aeroexpress has begun its ship journey from Muttenz BL via Amsterdam to the Baltic Sea right on time.

single passenger car

Interested professional visitors will be given their first glimpse of Stadler's two new suburban trains, a self-driving METRO, two new FLIRT trains, a single passenger car bi-modal locomotive and the latest double-decker train for Scandinavia with a modified clearance gauge. Building the first double-decker train for SBB, Stadler responded to the need for high capacities in regional transport inexpanding the Altenrhein plant into a double-decker centre.

Ein Doppelstockzug, der zu Hauptverkehrszeiten zur Verstärkung eingesetzt wird, verfügt über folgende Eigenschaften: Sitzplätze Volle Durchgängigkeit des Passagierraums Videoüberwachung für Fahrgastsicherheit Elektronische Anzeigen innen und aussen zur Fahrgastinformation Abfall single passenger car, trennen single passenger car recyceln.


A double-decker train used to boost the service during peak hours has the following features: seats Completely accessible passenger compartment Security cameras for passenger safety Interior and exterior electronic display panels for passenger information Avoiding, sorting and recycling waste. The first Stadler double-decker train will be delivered to the USA in August and put into single passenger car use in after having passed all the required testing.

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