Bad dating manners

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April um h What? April um h I think you are being a bit too harsh on the poor German guys! April um h I can totally relate to this. I am a German man, too. I know very well about our own shortcomings. Of course not all Bad dating manners men are the same.

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But regardless I tend to prefer dating foreigners bad dating manners. April um h This is not true! There are absolutely very romantic german man and bad dating manners yes, practicality is a huge priority for germans partnervermittlung treichl they can definitely bad dating manners the sweetest and dead romantics!

Have you ever dated a real Berliner? I guess not. April um h I feel like Tinder is the worst place to conduct any statistics on the quality of German men or anyone, bad dating manners.

Like, who is on Tinder to find love? April um h I totally agree with Jules and the last comment! Come on, just get off Tinder and meet real persons and all the stereotypes will be blown away because you get to know amazing persons, doesnt matter bad dating manners Nationality! April um h I will highly dispute your article.

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Mai um h I actually agree. My friend who has lived here and dated different german men for 5 years said the same thing. I have similar experiences with german women.

Mai um h Well constructed and entertaining article. You are great writer, bad dating manners are you a great lover. He always helps cook and clean without me having to ask him, remembers all the anniversaries and holidays that I keep forgetting. I have the best husband I could have. I love Germans and Germany. Juni um h Disgusting german-bashing.

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These articles are the reason bad dating manners british and american expats are more or more hated by germans most would not say that bluntly. They all said how romantic and sensual I am. Alix, forget it. No german men likes anglo-american women, shure. My experience with german guys is quite different.


In the first month after coming from Brazil to Berlin I met a very romantic, passionate and well-educated german men who speaks an excellent English. He also has learned bad dating manners and is quite different from the guys described in the blog. Juni um h Lol!

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This article is absolutely fantastic — it had me in fits of hysterics! The comments section so far honestly just reinforces the view that Germans are incapable of laughing at themselves — lighten up, will you, the article is unbelievably funny!

Juli um h I am not agree. Juli um h Oh Skye, really? Bad dating manners that gives you leeway to say anything and no-one being able to reply — otherwise automatically being labelled a spoil-sport. With your comments you are just further reinforcing the normality and accepted practice of German bashing. As pointed out in other comments, Germany is the only country that people are allowed to bash without repercussion. English-speaking expats living in Berlin and perpetuating this bad dating manners is just the height of ignorance to me.

bad dating manners